Westlock Meditation Center

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westlock-meditation-center-truclamThe warmly welcoming Westlock Meditation Center is a haven for peace and serenity.

Set on a quarter section of land with more than 20 of its 160 acres covered in trees, this acreage’s therapeutic pastoral setting is designed to be conducive to mindfulness practice and personal reflection. It made the dreams of many come true because for years the collective sangha  aspired to have a center for spiritual relaxation and meditation practice in a quiet and serene area remote from busy and hectic urban settings.

In 2007 the Institute bought this acreage in the County of Westlock, 50 kilometers northwest of Edmonton City limits. The meditation center was constructed during 2009. This summer it will be the host site for the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace world tour.

The Westlock Meditation Center can accommodate large group gatherings and functions for both short and long term stays.  The Meditation Facility is available for booking at the discretion of the Institute. Buddhist groups, ecologically minded organizations, meditation seminars and practices are some of the groups that this facility would be a great fit for. Please contact us at info@truclam.ca for more information.
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In May of 2009 the Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute was granted a Development Permit by the County of Westlock authorizing the change in use of land for Buddhist practice. The authorities also issued a Building Permit for the construction of the 6000 square foot meditation facility. Immediately after permit approval a Breaking Ground Ceremony was held and construction of the facility began.
The Westlock Meditation Center was made possible with the countless contributions of volunteers and financial support. To make further donations to help with loan repayment, operations, and maintenance, please contact us at info@truclam.ca. The Meditation Center graciously acknowledges all members and volunteers for their financial and in‑kind contributions.
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