tu-vien-truc-lam-truclamTruc Lam Monastery is  the operating headquarters for the Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute and set out with humble beginnings in 1989. Our first home was based out of a nine-suite three storey building located at 106 Ave and 108 St. In 1992, the Institute moved its headquarters to a 3000 sqft center located at 101 Ave and 89 Street in 1992.

 Four years later in 1996, due to rapid growth and further demand for added space, the Insitute began Breaking Ground Ceremony and construction of the current headquarters located at 11329 – 97 Street in downtown Edmonton. The building was completed in June 1997 with the support of many devoted members and the direction of Master Thich Thien Tam.

Truc Lam Monastery is a two storey building, designed and constructed with the look and feel of traditional Buddhist architecture. It is composed of 12,400 sqft of occupancy space and resided by the Master, the Abbot and the Monastic community.
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11328 - 97 St, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5G 1X4 Phone (780) 471-1093, Email: tvtruclam97@gmail.com