E-DVDs - 2018

24 Tháng Tư 20188:14 SA(Xem: 7121)

Quý Vị Lưu Ý !!! Thầy Thích Pháp Hòa Không Có FaceBook   

Kênh YouTube TuVien TrucLam và Facebook    

Having Fun - Gaining Peace   (Dec 28,2018)

Mindful On Your Rights   (Dec 7, 2018)   

The Capacity of Self Recognition  (Queensland, 15-11-2018)   

Bring yourself to the present moment  (Nov 11, 2018)   

Peaceful Investing  (Nov 10, 2018)   

The Objects Of Meditation  (Oct.26, 2018)  

Give Yourself A Better Joyful  (Oct.13, 2018)      

The Boundless Love   (TV Minh Đăng Quang, London ON 2-9-2018)  

Expressing Our Gratitude (Aug 18, 2018)  

Happiness Within Us (June 10, 2018)  

Direct Our Mind   (May 4, 2018)   

Live With Peace and Joyce (Apr.8, 2018)  

Merits of Sharing  (Apr.1, 2018)   

Knowing But Not Understanding  (TvTrucLam, Feb.23, 2018)   

Commemorating Our Ancestor  (Tv.TrucLam, Feb.11, 2018)  

Be Gentle to Your Practice  (Tv.TrucLam, Feb.10, 2018)   

Impermanence of daily life (Tv.Truclam, Feb.9, 2018)

Make Your New Year Become Real  (Tv.TrucLam, Jan.12, 2018)

Be Normal (Tv.TrucLam, Jan.7, 2018)

Begins A New Year  (Tv.Tuc Lam, Jan.5, 2018)

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