CDs EPH151 – EPH200

09 Tháng Giêng 201611:21 SA(Xem: 10908)

EPH151. Learn To Listen (April 5, 2015)

EPH152. Life Is Like A Happy Meal (April 10, 2015)  

EPH153. Cultivate Your True Quality (April 12, 2015)  

EPH154. Middle Path (April 24, 2015)  

EPH155. What Do We Own? (May 1, 2015)  

EPH156. Qualities Of The Budha (May 22, 2015)  

EPH157. Listen To The Dharma (June 12, 2015) 

EPH158. Taking A Bestter Way! (June 14, 2015) 

EPH159. Be A Dharma Instrument (June 20, 2015) 

EPH160. Stay Clam (July 10, 2015)  

EPH161. Practice ! The Way To Love (July 16, 2015) 

EPH162. Try Not To Lose ! (Sep.4, 2015)           

EPH163. Do The Right Thing (Sep.20, 2015)    
EPH164. Sleeping Well (Oct.2, 2015)      

EP165. Fragance Of The Incense (Oct.4, 2015)           

EPH166. Solid As A Mountain (Oct.23, 2015)    

EPH167. Communication: Bridge Of Love (Australia, Oct.31-Nov.21, 2015)   

EPH168. I Have Arrived (Nov.27, 2015)    

EPH169. Buddhism- A Way of Life (Charlotte, NC, Dec.13, 2015)    

EPH170. Truly Joyful (Dec.27, 2015)           

EPH171. There Is Always A Way! (Jan.3, 2016)      

EPH172. Dealing With Hated-Ones (Jan.22, 2016)    

EPH173. Our Truly Capacities (Jan.24, 2016)      

EPH174. Practice Buddhism along with Others Faith (Jan.29, 2016)  

EPH175. Points of Life (Jan.30, 2016)    

EPH176. Going Back To Your Roots (Jan.31.2016)        

EPH177. Patience (Tam Quang, Mar.6, 2016)    

EPH178. Precept the Protector! (Mar.11, 2016)   

EPH179. Bring Your Heart Along!! (Mar.13, 2016)    

EPH180. Be A Good Listener (Mar.27, 2016)  

EPH181. Change Your Environment, Change Your Life (Apr.15, 2016)

EPH182. Manage Your Stress (Grand Prarie, TX, Apr.23, 2016)  

EPH183. Stand Up Where You Fall (Apr.29, 2016)    

EPH184. Think Positive to Make Things Positive (May 20, 2016)     

EPH185. Meet Your Dharma (June 24, 2016)      

EPH186. Be A Lamp Unto Yourself (June 25, 2016)      

EPH187. Three Ways To Meet the Dharma (July 3, 2016)

EPH188. Two Qualities of the Monkey
(July 8, 2016)    
EPH189.Mirror of Mindfulness (July10,2016)       

EPH190. Take Things As They Are! (July 15, 2016)   

EPH191. A Gift For Your Parents! (July 22, 2016)                

EPH192. What Can We Give? (Sept.9, 2016)      

EPH193. Finding Yourself (Sept.23, 2016)       

EPH194. Who is the Main Buddha? (Sept.24, 2016)     

EPH195. What you gained from Meditation? (Sept.25, 2016)    

EPH196. Express Your Gratitude (Oct.7&9, 2016)       

EPH197. Pilgrimage (Dec.2, 2016)            

EPH198. Good Environment  (Dec.4, 2016)       

EPH199. Worlds of Desire (Dec.10, 2016)        

EPH200. Practice Moderation (Dec.11, 2016)      

EPH201. Reflecting to live a better life (Dec.18, 2016)       

EPH202. Listening the Dharma (Dec.25, 2016)        

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